Home Remodeling: Top Five Remodeling Trends for Bathrooms in 2016

Homeowners can choose to go simple chic or loud and extravagant with their home remodels, but most feel the same when it comes to bathrooms: it should allow them to be themselves. Bathrooms are an integral part of the remodel project; in some cases, its design is the first consideration and everything else adapts.

Here are five trends for bathroom remodels that experts predict will continue in 2016. If you have your home remodeling project lined up for this year, the following design tips would be good to know.


Freestanding Tub: Soak Anywhere 

More households appear to abandon built-in bathtubs and opt for larger shower stalls. The fast-paced lifestyle is often the main reason for this; many busy homeowners have very little time for a soak. Built-in tubs are also fixed; they do not allow owners to redesign bathroom interiors whenever they want to. Many homes are getting freestanding bathtubs to give homeowners a choice, with some putting their tubs inside the shower.

Double or Trough Sink: More is Less 

More space, less time. Again, this trend suggests speed and flexibility; it allows homeowners to do things simultaneously to save time. Trough sinks are bigger, letting more than one person wash up at the same time. Couples who need to rush to work will have no crowding issues. A trough sink is also big enough for washing more than hands, such as bed sheets, blankets – or babies. Perfect for cleaning one-off stains.

Ambience: Unmasking “Me” 

This year, more homes are putting the “me” or “we” into bathrooms, transitioning pure functionality to function-and-mood. Since people want to be themselves inside a bathroom, this is a place where they could be less stiff, guarded, formal or structured. Thus, mood lighting, furniture-inspired custom cabinetry, and personalized faucets will be in vogue.

Natural Materials: Adding Texture 

The natural vibe will still be part of bathroom designs, but wood will not be the only material to earn the favor of homeowners this year. Designers say any natural material, such as stones or rocks, will give bathrooms more texture. These materials will not be part of the flooring only, but will grace walls, fixtures and accents.

White with Color: The Shade of Pure 

Who said black is the trend now? Certainly not for bathrooms. Looks like many homeowners still could not shed off that feeling of being clean when they have white surroundings. It is here to stay. White on white, however, may not always be the norm. Homeowners are adding color backsplashes, tiled walls and creative patterns to accentuate.

These design trends will be useful for your bathroom remodel this year. A remodeling company in Minneapolis, such as JPC Custom Homes, can give you more ideas on how to perk up your bathroom.

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