Home Builders: Design Trends That Will Remain in 2016

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) anticipates a rosy outlook for the housing industry in 2016, particularly new home construction. The housing crisis that held back home construction in mid-2015 is now fully behind. Towards the end of last year, housing construction regained its pace.

If you are looking to build a house for your family, this year is the right time to do it. Approach the best home builders in Minneapolis, MN for design ideas and explore interior decors for your dream home.

Living Room

Unconventional fireplaces 

Contributor Katie McKenzie, in an article for Newhomesource.com, cites uniquely positioned fireplaces as one of the continuing design trends in 2016. Fireplaces used to be a living room centerpiece, but contemporary homes are now building them in breakfast rooms, master bathrooms, kitchens, or virtually any room in the house.

Relaxation rooms 

Hints of a more burdened life are also evident in home interiors. House builders turn master baths into luxurious personal spas with their own whirlpool tubs and large showers to relax the body. Some big homes include meditation rooms, where they can leave their care behind, McKenzie said. Homeowners choose spare bedrooms or guest rooms when no other places are handy, and design them with candles, cushions, piped-in music, and yoga mats.

Black trim 

Black trims and shades around windows, doors and shelves are replacing wood and white trims, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Blankets of deep color in walls and windows lend a plush look to the home.

Statement lighting 

Moving away from conventional lighting, statement lighting not only illuminates the room but also draws attention to the overhead piece. It is used to contrast the dominant color of the room, complement another design, and make the place look elegant.

Open floor plan 

When it comes to floor plans and partitioning, dynamism and mobility wins. An open floor plan removes the division of kitchen, dining and living areas, leaving residents to breeze through various rooms with ease. Such freedom and flow fit current fast-paced lifestyles and make up for the small floor and lot areas of urban households.

A general contractor, such as JPC Custom Homes, helps homeowners plan the house of their dreams. The company’s pre-set floor plans give home buyers the best of modern home layouts, while allowing them to customize features and plans to suit their distinct preferences.

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