Color Power: Choose Home Themes with the Help of Custom Home Builders

Have you ever experienced walking into a friend’s house, anticipating an awesome interior because of the house’s posh exterior, only to be greeted by a living room that borders on disappointing and disgusting?

Often, the room construction is not the problem; the colors are. Indifferent homeowners may claim their right to design their house as they see fit, but let’s face it: colors in a home do have a subtle effect on the homeowner or his guests.

Here are two common ways you can pick the colors to paint your Minneapolis home with, through the help of reputable home builders.

Beige Living Room

Choose based on lighting.

Light can change the final appearance of paint colors in a room. The most natural look comes from daylight. Incandescent lamps create a warm tone and allow the yellow hue to surface, while fluorescent lamps highlight the blue.

If you want to paint a room with a strong color, interior design experts suggest not to do it on all walls, or to paint it on the wall farthest from a window, to avoid an “overpowering” effect. Introduce lighter hues with varied saturation on separate walls to produce a luminous effect.

Choose according to mood.

While paint does not allow you to change themes depending on your mood for the day or during a season, you can use color to influence your mood instead. Purple brings out creativity, orange enthusiasm, and neutrals are flexible.

Red is best for activity areas, like living rooms and dining rooms, where the family congregates the most. It raises the energy level and stimulates people into conversation or action. For this reason, it is not ideal for bedrooms.

For the bedroom or bathroom, designers recommend blue. This color lowers the blood pressure, reduces heart and respiration rates, calms and relaxes the nerves. As a home theme, though, light blues could have a chilly, cold effect, especially when the room does not receive enough sunlight. Experts suggest balancing light blues with darker, warmer ones in cushions and furniture.

If blue represents calm, yellow represents happiness and cheerfulness. A yellow room creates an upbeat mood. Bathrooms, dining rooms and kitchens are perfect for yellow paints. However, designers do not recommend it as a primary home theme. Studies found that a yellow room agitates people, causing them to lose their temper easily and causing babies to cry. Yellow is good only in moderation.

Green is the best color for any room. It combines the serene effect of blue and the sunny influence of yellow. It encourages togetherness in the living room, tempers excitement in the kitchen, relieves stress in the bathroom, and even promotes fertility – something for the bedroom.

When you don’t know what to choose.

When you don’t have any idea what color of paint to use on your home, you may test color combinations using paint chips in the paint shop. But it’s best to consult custom home builders, like JPC Custom Homes, which allow you to review and approve room designs before doing the job.

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